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This website offers access to trade, pricing, news, and other information services related to diamonds, precious jewels, and jewellery. Only Members may use a few of the Services offered on this website. Please be aware that certain terms under these Terms of Use vary depending on whether a product is purchased for personal use or for investment.

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To give you the best value, we base our pricing on the current values of precious metals and gems. These prices do fluctuate from time to time as a result of changes in the cost of precious metals and gems, which also causes changes in our prices.

Without prior warning, prices may change on Aurament.com. Expect to pay the amount mentioned on the day of purchase for any Aurament products you purchase.

Made to order jewellery

1. The advance payment will be returned to the customer in the event that they cancel a made-to-order jewellery order.

2. A 25% deduction from the order value will be made in the event that a customer cancels an order for custom-made jewellery before the customer receives a refund.

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